Odd Shades is a production studio doing film & motion graphics, established 2015.

We produce shorts, shoot film, animate in 2D & 3D environement for international and local clients like: Samsung, CoopTelenor and Systembolaget among others.

We are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Commercial produced for IDUNS first liquid mineral foundation.

Our rol in this production pack shot filmning and the postproduction of the commercial.





DOP: Niklas Alm
Agency: Söderberg Agenture
Postproduction: Odd Shades



Sel des alpes, a commercial serie of four different meal spots, produced for Saline de Bex.

The spots were produced based on still studio pictures shoted in Stockholm.




Animation: Vladimir Hartvig
DOP: Niklas Alm
Agency: franz & rené
Post production: Odd Shades



An animation produced för Praktikertjänst to show how this private concern works.






Illustration: Yann Robardey
Animation: Vladimir Hartvig
Agency: Nine Yards
Production: Odd Shades



Spaogram is a present card for one of the most exclusive Spa and training center in Stockholm.

This comercial was produced in collaboration with Pauwau AB.






Direction: Johan Agén
DOP: Vladimir Hartvig
Production: Pauwau - Odd Shades