Odd Shades is a production studio doing film & motion graphics, established 2015.

We produce shorts, shoot film, animate in 2D & 3D environement for international and local clients like: Samsung, Klarna, Absolut Vodka and iZettle among others.

We are located in Stockholm, Sweden.




A commercial film made for Melleruds beer.




Agency: Food & Friends
DOP: Niklas Alm
Photo: Vladimir Hartvig
Post Production: Odd Shades



Connected Living is a commercial serie of sex spots, produced for Samsung.






Agency: BLCK
Direction: Peter Cederquist
DOP: Jeffery Richt
Photo: Odd Shades




Black Friday campaign for Klarna.





Agency: Prime
DOP: Niklas Alm
Set design: Anton Thorsson
Postproduction: Odd Shades



An educational animation, produced for Bayer, about how to treat vaginal yeast infection.





Agency: Bubble Gum
Illustration & Animation: Vladimir Hartvig
Production: Odd Shades




A three spots Campaign produced for iZettle





Agency: Söderberg Agentur
DOP: Niklas Alm
Postproduction: Odd Shades